Supermum to Serene Mum



A 5-week course in Kriya Yoga to help you live happier and stay present as a mother.

Mondays May 15th-June 12th (10.00 am)
Tuesdays May 16th-June 13th (7.30 pm)

Do you want to stop being a slave to your emotional triggers and stay calm in the fire of daily mothering?

Do you want to be more present and loving with the people you care about most?

Do you need to find a place of stillness from which to work out your new role now your children have flown the nest?

As a mum, you know the feeling of life stretching you in every possible direction.

Every instinct compels you to protect, nurture and give every moment of your day to your children. On top of that you pile on work, your home, demands from the rest of your family. Miraculously, you hold it together. But when the dark forces of anger, frustration, exhaustion and regret come bubbling to the surface – which they do – you beat yourself up for not being “perfect”?

What if I could show you a way to escape this cycle? To be happy where you are right now, press pause on the reactive parenting, and be the mother you want to be.

I’m running a 5-week course designed to help you be that mother. Exploring the techniques and benefits of Kriya Yoga, this is an opportunity to dump your unhelpful ways of thinking and create the space to be a new, more conscious and empowered woman.

Ready to sign up? Call me now on 0404 180 481 to book your slot. You can find location, time and price details at the bottom of this page.


What Kriya Yoga is
Kriya Yoga is a combination of simple but profoundly powerful yogic techniques. Accessible to anyone, you can start practicing right now as long as you can:
1. Sit
2. Breathe

I’ve been working with Kriya Yoga for more than a dozen years. I only realized how essential it was when I became a Mum. The “brain training” has saved me from making dumb parenting decisions more times than I care to count.

The secret to Kriya Yoga’s impact lies in its power to gently cleanse your mind of deeply embedded patterns and conditioning. Released from the habitual reactions laid down when we were kids, we can instead respond to situations with kindness, calm and compassion.

When you practice the techniques consistently – and practice will be the essence of this course, in class and in concentrated bursts between – you will be equipping yourself with a set of profoundly transformative tools for self reflection.

But let’s be clear. These aren’t the kind of tools you suddenly break out in a moment of crisis. (Sure, you’re going to sit down cross-legged in the Coles checkout line while your 4-year-old has a meltdown. That’ll definitely work.)

These are practices that over time create deep changes in your brain patterning. Without even noticing it, they guide you to make better, more compassionate choices, in your parenting and every moment of your life.

Class Details

Classes run for 75 minutes at the beautiful Blue Labyrinth retreat space in Woodford.

Our first hour will consist of a lesson and guided practice of Kriya Yoga, beginning with a short sequence of gentle movements to prepare your body and mind for sitting in stillness. (You can choose to sit on the floor or in a chair.)

After concluding our practice with a deep relaxation, we’ll take 15 minutes of open space at the end – time in which you can walk the hand-built labyrinth, chat about the practices over a cup of tea, or quietly reflect on your experience, before we all return to the world and our families.

This course will benefit mothers of any age, from beginner to experienced yoga students.

The best homework you’ll ever do

Daily practice is the key to accessing the deepest benefits of Kriya Yoga. So as part of your study I want you to give yourself something rare and beautiful: time.

To be precise, 8 minutes of it, 3 times a day, in which you can practice the techniques we explore in class.

Believe me, this daily practice of Kriya Yoga will make a phenomenal difference to your parenting. I’m writing this after three days without my usual practice. I woke up this morning and found out I’d turned into a werewolf.

8 minutes, wherever you can find them – during nap time, just before the school run, during your lunch break, or last thing before bed. It’ll change your life.


Officially this course is supposed to be priced at $175. (My partner says I should charge $5000 for the value it’s brought to our household in calm and harmony.) But as your early bird reward, I’d love you to join me for this first round of the course for the introductory price of $115.

I’m closing this season of courses at 8 students per class. Call me now on 0404 180 481 to secure your place.