Yoga Classes and Courses

I teach private one-to-one yoga classes and group yoga classes at various spots in the Blue Mountains. My focus is to help you discover how you can include yoga in your life so that can live a balanced and healthy, vibrant life.

Meditate, Naturally!

Harness your body’s natural instincts to deepen your meditation.

Do you feel as though your mind is constantly distracted?

This one-day workshop will explore the links between your body, breath and mind and how moving your body can help your mind.

For millenia yogis in India have prepared themselves for meditation by stretching their bodies and consciously manipulating their breath: they were toning their nervous system to calm their mind leaving it naturally cleansed and ready for meditation. It’s a bit like washing your hands before dinner.

Yet so often we begin meditation without preparing the body, or rush away from Yoga without enjoying the benefits of deep meditation.

This retreat will offer you the chance to slow down and go deeper. We will gently, and consciously, move our body to enhance our meditation and use simple breathing techniques to slow our thoughts. To nurture our sense of connection we will spend time in nature and walk one the beautiful labyrinths.

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Supermum to Serene Mum

A 5-week course in Kriya Yoga to help you live happier and stay present as a mother.

Do you want to stop being a slave to your emotional triggers and stay calm in the fire of daily mothering? Do you want to be more present and loving with the people you care about most? Do you need to find a place of stillness from which to work out your new role now your children have flown the nest?

As a mum, I know as well as you do the feeling of life stretching you in every possible direction. So I’m running a 5-week course designed to help you be happy where you are right now, press pause on the reactive parenting, and be the mother you want to be. Exploring the techniques and benefits of Kriya Yoga, this is an opportunity to dump unhelpful ways of thinking and create the space to be a new, more conscious and empowered woman.

Kriya Yoga is a combination of simple yogic techniques that, with practice, become a powerful tool for self reflection. The practices over time create deep changes in your brain patterning, guiding you to make better, more compassionate choices, in your parenting and every moment of your life.

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A Yoga Program just for You

A personal yoga mentoring program that tones your nervous system restoring physical energy and mental poise

A vibrant, healthy nervous system is the key to getting rid of stubborn health issues – read poor digestion, low immunity, movement challenges, chronic pain, the list goes on. It is also the key to helping you reduce your stress and anxiety and discovering more energy for life.

I work with you on a one-to-one basis, creating a yoga practice tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. After an initial in-depth session I’ll design you a program of poses and practices you can follow in your own time, with written notes, visual and audio cues to help you enjoy and be confident in you yoga. We check in regularly to work through any issues you experience and adjust your practice.

The ultimate aim is to provide you with a yoga practice that improves your sense of wellbeing. The style is sympathetic to everyone.

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Classes for Cancer and Lymphoedema

Small group classes for members of Cancer Wellness Support  are held in the Leura offices. Please contact the centre for more information. Private classes for members of Cancer Wellness Support can be arranged by appointment.

If you are not a member of Cancer Wellness Support, but would like more information about private classes specifically designed for your needs, please contact me here.