About Me

I personalize yoga for people. I guide people so that they can become their own teachers and experience the profound benefits of yoga every moment of their lives not just those fleeting 10 minutes after class.

My first encounter with yoga came in the mountain wilds of California, and the power of yoga to reveal our connections with nature – both inner and outer – continues to inform all my teaching.

Each day I’d bend, breath and relax under the personal guidance of my teacher. My body changed, my attitudes changed and I came to glimpse the person I’d always felt I could be. After six months in this cocooned environment I left, but my teacher had given me the skills, and nurtured in me the belief, that I could become my own teacher. She also inspired me to help others on their yoga journey.

Since completing my formal yoga training in 2002 my studies have included an Advanced Teacher Training residency at the Kaivalyadhama institute near Mumbai, intensive Sanskrit and Mantra instruction in an ashram on the western tip of India, and a one-to-one mentorship in yoga for the management of cancer and lymphoedema with Annette Loudon.

I still make regular visits to learn from my teachers in India, but these days my main teacher is my  son: Yoga gives me a standpoint from which to stop, feel, reflect and respond with awareness, in a way that brings balance and harmony to my family.