New Course: Kriya Yoga for a calmer, happier, more conscious motherhood

KriyaYogaMothers.jpgWell, in the 6 years since becoming a parent I’ve managed a grand total of 2 blog posts. That’s not how I saw my life post baby panning out. I was going to gracefully balance motherhood and yoga teaching. I would study, grow my classes, organise more tours to India, develop courses and be the perfect mother.

And then there is reality. Life was nothing like that: like every mother before me I was blissfully unaware of the complete upheaval having a child would mean to my life. Energy levels tanking, twenty minutes naps snatched furtively throughout the day, and an unnerving feeling that, somehow during birth, my heart had been ripped open leaving me emotionally raw and present to the pain of every child my eyes saw.

But, like we all do, I emerged from this with a different understanding of myself, parts of which I gladly owned; other parts I wish I’d never met. Through all this I practiced yoga. Not touch-your-toes-yoga, but Kriya Yoga, a simple series of techniques that I could practice in short bursts – much like the way I had learnt to grab sleep.

And now, I’ve been able to develop a course that gives you the same series of 3 simple but powerful techniques. Kriya Yoga helps you gather up all those parts of you – the comforting ones you’ve always known, the ones you’ve just confronted, and those that still lurk in some dimly lit recess and gives you the resolve and resiliency to become the mother you need to be for your health and peace of mind, not the one others (your children, your partner, your employer, society, or your lesser self) whine/ask/nag you to be.

I’m running two concurrent 5 week courses: The daytime course begins Monday, May 15th at 10am, and the evening, on Tuesday May 16th at 7:30pm. Both are held in the beautiful, tranquil new studio space of Blue Labyrinth in Woodford. Each session is 75mins and the special introductory cost is only $115.

If you’re worried you’re not fit enough, the physical demands are only two: sit and breathe. The focus of each session is learning and refining the techniques of Kriya yoga, but we will also include a short sequence of mellow asana to get your body and mind ready to sit in stillness; a deep relaxation; and the last 15 minutes is free time for you to reflect, walk a labyrinth or have a cup of tea.

Kriya Yoga is not just relevant to the Kindy mum desperately trying to come up with the winning formula to ensure that their 5 year will actually consume their lunch and not come home with bags under eyes, raging like a bear, and a full water bottle.

It’s just as beneficial for the peri-menopausal mum to teenagers trying to juggle the demands of part-time study, full-time work and wondering when she’ll ever find the time to eat a meal with her children, let alone have a meaningful conversation.

And equally valid for the Mum that finds the newfound silence in the home unnerving as the nagging voice in your head ramps up the volume, blaring questions at you, that for the past decade or so you’ve quietly brushed under the carpet and ignored.

See yourself anywhere in this? Then this course could help you find the clarity and confidence to become the person you want to be and happily enjoy how your sense of inner contentment benefits those you love too.

There are only 8 places for each session. Once those are filled I’m closing registration for this session.

If you’re still in two minds check the course page, or you can call me on 0404 180 481.

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