That’s the power of love

What a year! After almost 12 month’s break it was great to return to teaching one of my favourite yoga classes.  I’ve loved spending the last 9 months getting to know my little boy but this week helped me remember one of the other things I love doing: sharing yoga. So thank you.

My last few articles were ruminating on the concept of limits in our lives, their place in our lives and how we may, at times, place false limits upon our goals. Yoga philosophy teaches us that the one of the best ways to remove the limits we place upon ourselves is through devotion.

One of the most visceral experiences I’ve had in the last year has been of real limits being pushed back, perhaps even completely eroded by one force: love.

I’m not talking about mushy chocolate and teddy bear love. Rather it’s that kind of love that pushes your buttons, drags you backwards through a brush fence and slaps you in the face. Or in my case beams with a toothless smile of pure joy whenever you enter the room. The energy for nurturing a child seems to arise from nowhere, particularly given the state of sleep deprivation within which you constantly reside, yet it continues to well up.

Whilst it has been magical to experience such complete obliteration of some of my limits it has also been a cautionary tale of how, in other facets of my life, I may not be acting with such devotion or purity of heart – and that’s probably why some of my limits continue to exist.

So my challenge now is to take that power of love and devotion into other facets of my life and see where it may take me.


  1. Julie Pritchard

    March 11, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Hello Helen,
    It’s lovely to hear your words of wisdom again and to see a photo of Benny. He certainly looks a very wise soul 🙂 No doubt that he has been here before!
    Looking forward to starting classes again, hopefully we can get a group together as before.

  2. Helen

    March 12, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Julie, B has certainly been a great teacher and I’m sure there’s a whole lot more in store for us. Fingers crossed for the class – it’d be lovely to be back teaching you.

  3. Saul Q.R.

    March 15, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Amen, Helen! Beautifully written – I totally relate to what you say about the love that “drags you backwards through a brush fence and slaps you in the face”! Having a child is such a transformational experience – and in my view it’s no less a path to enlightenment and freedom than the path of renunciation.
    Congratulations on your little boy and blessings to you!

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