The middle-path: learning to balance the opposites

If we observe the world around us we can see that life is full of opposites: light and dark, hot and cold, black and white, drought and flood.

This duality is fundamental to yogic thought. These opposites are the extreme boundaries of life’s potential experiences. However, yoga does not encourage us  to run headlong into them. They are life’s guiderails, there for us when all else fails to help us steer a course back towards the centre of the road. And in that centre lies balance – a balance that can only exist because there are equal amounts of left and right on each side.

Yoga provides us a vast array of techniques, asana and meditation are but two, to use in our quest for the middle ground. But there are no exact answers of where that point of balance lies. Like the rules that each of us write in our own Rule Book of Life, each of us creates our own understanding of balance.

And, that’s what life is about – its our personal experiment of trying to find the middle path. The best thing is, if we don’t get it right the first time, just like Goldilocks we can try, and try again; until the porridge, the chair, or the bed, become just right.

Image courtesy of Thomas Gibbard

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