What catching a ball can teach you about life

Yoga was ‘discovered’ by ancient sages in the Indus Valley. The knowledge they garnered was recorded in incredible detail and, interestingly enough, the more science investigates the claims of these philosophers the greater the correlation between their ancient wisdom and recent ‘scientific discoveries’.

The sages postulated that everything that occurs in the world can teach us a lesson, not only about how the world operates but how we as part of it should interact and operate as well.

Do you remember being taught to catch a ball? Being told to hold your hands so that they are soft and cupped, so that they can mould around the ball as it lands in your hands, thereby cushioning the blow. Were you also told to move your hands with the ball just as it lands in your palms?

But what happens if you have your hands outstretched and stiff as boards, or if you don’t move them with the ball? Not only is it virtually impossible to catch, but the smack of the ball on your hands is often quite painful.

The sages tell us we can use this catching-the-ball lesson in all manner of ways. One example comes when we want to learn new theoretical ideas. We would be reminded that when we begin this process of learning we should be malleable, have a receptive attitude and be prepared to readjust our thinking as we learn, if we are to fully grasp the new concept. If we don’t do this we are likely to have trouble ‘catching on’ and the learning process may even become a little painful.

With this in mind, try putting on your Edward de Bono flexible thinking green hat and looking at the world through different eyes – you may be surprised by what you learn!

Image courtesy of morgan frederick

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