Meditate, Naturally !

Harness your body’s natural instincts to deepen your meditation.

October 21, 10am – 4pm.

Do you feel as though your mind is constantly distracted? Do you wish you had more time to focus on your spiritual self?

This retreat will offer you the chance to slow down and go deeper – to explore the links between your body, breath and mind and how moving your body helps your mind.

You will take away tools to use daily to help find stillness in your life and learn how altering habitual breathing patterns can help release stuck mental states.

So often the demands of modern living leave our minds overloaded and our nervous systems on high alert. We become irritable and anxious, we lack focus and concentration, our sleep suffers, our digestion becomes sluggish, energy levels plummet, the body develops aches and our immunity slumps.

Our experiences and memories are stored and expressed in our body and breath as well as our mind. So even when we begin to calm our mind, our body and breath can keep us stuck.

This is why Yogis in India have for millennia prepared themselves for meditation by stretching their bodies and consciously manipulating their breath: they were toning their nervous system to calm their mind leaving it naturally cleansed and ready for meditation. It’s a bit like washing your hands before dinner.

This one day workshop is your retreat from the world. Set in the beautiful Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat, the day will help you prepare your body and your breath for deep meditation. We will explore how gently moving your body can enhance meditation and how simple breathing technique can slow our thoughts. To nurture our sense of connection we will spend time in nature and walk one the beautiful labyrinths.

A healthy vegetarian lunch and refreshments are provided.

The cost for this retreat is $135 ($120 concession).  We are limiting numbers to 12 participants, so contact us, here via email or call me on 0404 180 481 now to secure your place.

The course will be presented by myself and meditator and Labyrinth facilitator, Donna Mulhearn.

Donna-270x270Donna Mulhearn is an activist, writer and speaker. Inspired by the Peace Prayer of St Francis of Assisi, Donna describes herself as a ‘Pilgrim and Storyteller.” She practices a spirituality of action and contemplation which includes Christian Meditation, labyrinths, playing the celtic harp, living simply and the odd act of nonviolent civil disobedience! Featured on ABC’s Australian Story program, her book, Ordinary Courage, a memoir about her experience as a human shield in Iraq, was published in 2010. She is the co-creator of Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat and a trained Labyrinth facilitator.