A Yoga Program for You

a personal yoga mentoring program that tones your nervous system restoring physical energy and mental poise

Our first session together takes an hour and a half and is a thorough assessment of your individual requirements. It is this assessment that helps me develop a yoga practice that you will feel confident to take home, roll out a mat and begin to work with.

Your practice might be 15 minutes it might be an hour and a half – it’s whatever works for you. The most important thing is that you feel inspired to practice your yoga.

So that you feel completely confident and supported I provide you with everything you will need to practice your program: You will receive:

  • a detailed description of every element of your practice all accompanied by photos so
  • a visual sequence of every element so that you have an easy reference chart when on the mat
  • a CD or mp3 of your program
  • practice guidelines to deepen your understanding and awareness

Each week I check in to see how the program is working for you. It’s a chance for you to bring up any queries, discuss your experiences, and iron out any difficulties you’re having with your practice.

After 6 weeks we review your program – either in person or over Skype – to adjust your yoga program so it remains tailored to your evolving needs.

Over the coming months we continue to talk and meet up until you have a practice that’s designed to maintain the balance of your nervous system. Then I step into the background. I’ll still be there to guide you and answer your questions but you will have the tools to confidently practice yoga, knowing that whilst your gaining strength and your flexibility is almost unbelievably better than it was, the true benefits you are experiencing are the disappearing nagging health issues and the mental calmness you are living your life with.

The entire package – your first session with me, the development of all your program materials, ongoing mentoring and your first program review costs $320.

If you want a healthy balanced nervous system so that you feel invigorated, purposeful yet calm, not just on the mat but throughout your day, then contact me here.

“Helen, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing I feel with my new yoga.” – Denise

“Even as a relative beginner Helen’s meetings, programs and support material was so thorough, perceptive, well-planned and effective that it worked exceptionally well for me. Helen is a wonderful teacher working at an extremely sophisticated level and I feel very fortunate that we’ve been able to successfully work with this process”  – Kathleen