India 101: A Journey to the Source

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

I’m planning a trip to India in January, and rather than make it a complete break from all my classes, I’m inviting you along for an inspiring journey of yoga, culture, colour and spiritual rejuvenation.

The idea for leading a group to India has been in the wings for a while, and from the conversations I’ve been having with some of you lately, it really seems like the time has come.

From a yoga perspective, India takes us directly to the source of things. Every time I go there I learn things and gain new insights that I could scarcely have imagined – insights about yoga, about myself, about the powerful current of spirit and soul that flows through everything we see and touch.

More than that, like diving into a cold waterhole on a hot summer afternoon, India is a complete and wonderful reboot for the system. I always come back renewed, inspired, and ready to pour new energy into all the ideas and projects that have been left hanging.

As a country to travel in, India demands a certain investment of energy and patience. But she repays you a thousand times over with her astonishing beauty, her heartfelt welcome, and that maddening, joyful unpredictability. There’s nowhere like it to let you know you’re really alive.

After seven trips to India over the last six years, I’ve got a good idea of how the land lies. But for this trip I’m bringing out the big guns. My husband David, who writes for Footprint India, one of the top India guidebooks, is coming along to help smooth the way. We’ve put together a great three-week trip that begins with a week of yoga and ayurvedic treatments, before introducing you to some of our favourite landscapes, cities and temples.

As this is our first go at leading anyone other than intimate family members to India, we’re limiting the group to eight people. A small group allows us to be relatively spontaneous when (as always happens in India) unexpected opportunities arise. It also allows us to stay in unique family-run homestays rather than big boring hotels.

I’ll post more information about the trip on my blog over the next week. If you happen to live within reach of the Blue Mountains, we’re also holding an information evening on Saturday 4th September at my yoga studio. Come along, and we’ll talk India, look at some pictures, drink chai, and eat pukka Indian snacks.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it. I’ll be posting more details about the trip in the very near future.

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