Truthfulness is a sure way to a calmer mind

Truthfulness, or Satya as the yoga texts term it, is something that most of us value highly in ourselves, and in others. It is also one of the key values we are encouraged to live by when we practice yoga. However, practicing Satya is somewhat more involved than fessing up to your fourth grade teacher about the rubber fight you instigated at the back of the classroom. It’s about striving to achieve harmony between your thoughts, your words and your actions.

There is no easy way to get to this state – it’s not something you perfect on the first go. Even with the best of intentions, it can be surprisingly hard to actually back up your intentions with actions.  It can be as simple as deciding you’d like to catch up with a friend on the weekend, arranging a time to meet them, then sleeping in and leaving the house without enough to make your appointment.

To achieve harmony between the three levels of being requires diligent struggle against the tricks of the mind, which will always find a way to make that extra half hour in bed seem so much more important than any commitments you might have made during the week.

Yet, just as a baby will continue to stand up each time it falls down each until it learns to balance, we too need to accept that falling down is a natural part of the art of learning how to balance our actions with our thoughts and words.

As a child learns to stand they make no judgement about their ability, they just continue to try over and over again. Slowly they learn that small adjustments to their body can mean the difference between balance and a tumble. We need to take the same non-judgemental attitude about our abilities to live the truth, and reflect on how to make the appropriate adjustments in our life.

When our actions and words reflect our intentions there is no room for self- recrimination or guilt. We become sure that we are living our life with personal integrity. The end result is that we throw out an enormous amount of mental garbage, which is a sure way to calmer mind.

Image credit: Davblog at Flickr

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